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Roller Blinds in Melbourne

Are you looking to enhance the décor and aesthetic value of your interior spaces? Do you want to lessen the brightness of sunlight and enjoy more privacy from neighbours? At Ultra Shade, we’re proud to offer roller blinds for Melbourne homes and businesses. Our specialists can install different types of roller blinds that boast excellent UV ratings and are available in numerous colours. Whether you want blockout roller blinds for extra privacy or sunscreen roller blinds to reduce sun glare, the team at Ultra Shade has you covered.

Suitable Rooms for Roller Blinds in Cheltenham & Beyond

Our roller blinds in Cheltenham and beyond are suitable for various room types, including bedrooms, living rooms and more. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that are versatile and capable of fulfilling different requirements.


Bedrooms are private sanctuaries, so it’s important that neighbours and passer-bys can’t see inside. Blockout roller blinds are made with fabrics that make it harder for people outside to see inside while also blocking out wanted light.

Living Rooms

Glare from the sun can be frustrating and distracting when spending time in the living room, making it difficult to see the television properly. Fortunately, sunscreen day night roller blinds can help you achieve a happy medium that suits your needs.

Office Spaces

Office workers need to feel comfortable throughout the day, otherwise their productivity and performance can suffer. Roller blinds can minimise glare that strains the eyes and makes it difficult to concentrate.

Why Choose Us for Roller Blinds in Moorabbin & Beyond?

There are various reasons why you should choose Ultra Shade for roller blinds in Moorabbin, Cheltenham and beyond, some of which include:


  • We can assist domestic, commercial, corporate and industrial clients
  • We boast years of hands-on industry experience
  • We’re committed to delivering superior-quality results
  • We can tailor and personalise our roller blinds to suit your budget and requirements
  • In addition to roller blinds, we can also provide other services such as window tinting, car signage, paint protection and security solutions

Discover Our Day Night Roller Blinds Today

Ultra Shade is your one-stop shop for roller blinds in Melbourne, including day night roller blinds and more. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote.

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