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Commercial Window Tinting

Professional Commercial Window Tinters in Melbourne

Based in Moorabbin, Ultra Shade is the best choice when you’re looking for high-quality commercial window tinting services. Our team of professional commercial window tinters in Melbourne can add a wide range of benefits to your business, helping to improve your safety, security, comfort, energy efficiency, and general aesthetics. Boasting years of experience, you can trust Ultra Shade to deliver high-quality results that are tailored to meet your specific requirements and exceed your expectations.

Why Tint Your Commercial Windows?

Commercial window tinting offers a variety of fantastic benefits that can help businesses enhance their security, improve their energy efficiency, and reduce discomfort during the warmer months of the year. For example, tinted windows can prevent up to 70% of solar heat as well as 90% of harmful UV rays from entering your business premises through windows. In addition, commercial window tinting makes it difficult for potential thieves to look inside, accomplishing this without blocking the natural light and window views that your employees enjoy.


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Using simple and practical processes, Ultra Shade can apply premium tinting films and adhesives in a timely, efficient and non-disruptive manner. To learn more about our commercial window tinting services, get in touch with us today by calling 0418 335 858 or by sending us a message through our online contact page. An expert commercial window tinter in Melbourne will provide you with an obligation-free quote and useful advice.

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