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Window tinting for cars and buildings might seem like a simple stylistic choice, but it also has a number of useful functionalities that are worth taking advantage of. For example, tinted windows can protect occupants from harmful UV rays and maximise energy efficiency by maintaining comfortable temperatures inside all year round. At Ultra Shade, we offer window tinting in Cheltenham for clients who are interested in tinting the windows of their car, home or office.


When you drive around throughout the day, you can be exposed to a large amount of sunlight. Fortunately, we can provide automotive tinting in Cheltenham to filter out ultraviolet rays and maintain a cooler temperature without the use air-conditioning. Additionally, car tinting can improve security by making it difficult for would-be thieves to see inside and identify valuable possessions.


If you’re worried about thieves breaking into your home and stealing your belongings, our home tinting in Cheltenham is a great way to add an additional layer of security. Tinted windows make it difficult for thieves to see inside and identify items of interest, which can deter them from even attempting a burglary in case they fail to find anything and get caught.

Home tinting in Cheltenham also prevents harmful UV rays from entering and helps to maintain a more comfortable temperature. By reducing your dependence on air conditioning systems, you can reduce your energy expenses and minimise your impact on the environment. Additionally, tinted windows can reduce glare that interferes with using computers or watching television.


Businesses typically have multiple layers of security that aim to prevent burglaries and other criminal activities from taking place. Our commercial tinting in Cheltenham is a fantastic way of deterring would-be thieves by making it difficult for them to see inside and identify valuable items. Tinted windows can also help make interior spaces more temperate and comfortable for visitors and workers.


Office workplace environments typically feature a large number of computer screens. However, glare from outdoor sunlight can make it difficult to see the screen properly, causing eye strain that may lead to painful headaches. Office tinting in Cheltenham from Ultra Tint can reduce the amount of glare that passes through the office, simultaneously improving comfort and productivity.


Ultra Tint’s security tinting in Cheltenham can vastly improve your sense of safety and security. Our films increases the strength of window glass, making it more difficult to break and nearly impossible to enter through. When glass does break, the film keeps the glass from shattering and potentially causing injury. They also safeguard against theft and vandalism.


There’s no shortage of benefits when it comes to window tinting in Cheltenham for your home, workplace or vehicle. Firstly, tinted windows reduce the amount of light that enters inside, helping to improve working conditions. This is especially useful for office environments where too much natural light can create glare, making it difficult to see computer monitors.

Secondly, window tinting can minimise your exposure to ultraviolet rays. In addition to preventing debilitating or life threatening health issues from developing (including melanoma and cataracts), tinted windows can also reduce the fading that vehicles and buildings experience as a result of UV exposure.

Thirdly, window tinting in Cheltenham can reduce the amount of hot air that penetrates inside your building or vehicle. This means that your interior spaces can maintain a more comfortable temperature without the use of air conditioning systems. By improving your energy efficiency, you can spend less on utility bills and minimise your impact on the environment.


There are many reasons why Ultra Shade is the number one choice for building and automotive tinting in Cheltenham. Our team of skilled professionals possess years of experience, maintain good relationships with the finest suppliers and manufacturers, use simple and practical processes to deliver high-quality results, and provide services that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. From home tinting and commercial tinting through to car window tinting and more, you can trust us to get the job done.


Improve the comfort and security of your home, office or vehicle by choosing Ultra Shade for window tinting in Cheltenham. Give us a call on 0418 335 858 or contact us online to send us job details and request an accurate quote.

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